samostalna izložba, 1999., Art Net Club, Zagreb 
10 x 72×52 cm / kombinirana tehnika na šperploči, instalacija na crvenom baršunu

“Looking for her “where from” she refers to a “thought” coming from “nowhere”. This is how, in her loneliness, she begins her conversation, her memory and her fanatsy. This loneliness has actually been anticipated: by making the very first stain on the background of the painting, she expresses a thought, a guestion. That thought, which is the beginning and the working place of the art, will later be present among the elements which are called and which are to follow, somethimes cherished and somethimes forgotten. For the artistic field of forces is a field of both devastation and affirmation, of passages and overlapping, of separation and bonds.

Is that how a fantasy looks? A memory? A coversation?

A flow of symbols overwhelms the artistic tissue. It both disperses through the paintings and binds them at the same time. This flow contains different symbols: sometimes conscious and sometimes not, expressed in different modes, through the private and the personal, they provoke srtistic intelligence. They strain the aestethics and entlange the interpretation into the sequence of alternatives, into incompleteness, the inconclusive and the understated.

This is how a conjecture, a will and a expectation look.

This is an initation. The artsistic spaces of Duska Boban are the spaces of divided time: of both completion and commencment.

And what about duration? Only things that always begin endure.”

Nikola Bajto, foreword in the exhibition catalogue