ATLETICS: run, jump, throw
Exhibition by: PROFESIONALCI+ (
Concept and set: Duška Boban 
Design and illustrations: Luka Duplančić 
Interactive installations and multimedia: Dubravko Kuhta 
Organizer: Association World Athletic Cup Split 2010.

On the occasion of the Continental Cup to be held on 4th and 5th September in the recently renovated stadium Poljud Beauty in Split, the exhibition named «ATHLETICS: Run, Jump, Throw» is staged in the eastern part of Diocletian Palace, lasting from 11th August until 15th September.

The particularity of this exhibition lies in its educative character as well as in the entertaining athletic experience provided by the interactive multimedia installations specially designed for this cultural and sports event.

Its interactive part consists of four multimedia systems – Run, Jump, Throw and the Winners’ Pedestal, all reacting to the visitors’ moves by means of light, sound and video and simulating the excitement and challenges of a sporting performance.

The exhibition abounds in illustrative panels and sports equipment treating, together with the installations, eight topics: the History of Athletics and Continental Cup, Athletic Disciplines in Three Categories – Running, Jumping, Throwing, Athletics Across Continents, the History of Judging and Result Measuring, Records and the Winners’ Pedestal.

All the lovers of the Queen of Sports, as well as to those yet to become, are given a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of the human body, its development, wish for improvement and the constant pushing of limits.