Per Aspera Ad Astra at the Exhibition ‘KVART and Friends: Fear’

KVART Gallery until March 10

My work “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, consisting of 20 photograms of sea urchins created at the festival of contemporary art Vizura Aperta in 2020, is exhibited for the first time in Split. You can see it in the KVART gallery (Put Trstenika 1, Split) every day from 17h to 20h until March 10 or by appointment by calling 091 567 1667.

Ana Čukušić is the curator of the exhibition presenting the following artists: Ante Belibar, Duška Boban, Milan Brkić, Mariana But, Luka Duplančić, Rino Efendić, Karin Grenc, Gloria Lizde, Robert Maleš, Boris Novak, Ivan Svaguša, Boris Šitum, and Saša Varmuža.

All visitors are invited to leave notes about their fears in the book of the fears since we have not missed them recently.

From the foreword: The members of the KVART association are individuals who occasionally speak the language of the collective, and the strength of the handwriting inherent in the content enriches the joint action. Therefore, various fears are presented, from intimate anxieties, concerns, and phobias to those we share with others, as well as coping strategies (humor, cynicism, documentary). Fear comes in all forms, sometimes outside and sometimes from ourselves. It is temporary or permanent.