KRVAVICA Children Health Resort

Analogue photography, Leica format, 2018 & 2021 / digital print 2021

“This is not an exhibition on architecture. This is an exhibition about the loss of social (and the transformation of personal) memory due to radical social change and the consequences of that process. We observe the fate of Marasović’s cult building as a symptom, where we intertwine archival materials, original documents, records and photographs with the fictional narratives of the experimental film of the art duo Doplgenger. The ambivalence of Duška Boban’s photographs, which document the current state of Marasović’s architecture, almost stimulates perceptual deception, optical illusion that at times calls into question the reality of the scene itself. We transfer a street-art “sticker” from the interior of the children health resort building, where it was created as an authentic artistic expression and an attempt to “appropriate” the place by civic initiative. This work is just one in a series of (artistic) interventions in the building, as well as a direct comment on the attitude of local authorities and state institutions towards this architectural masterpiece, which they would like to see as an empty plot free for new construction to the taste of new spatial.”

Nataše Bodrožić, from the exhibition foreword, Salon Galić Gallery, October 2021

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