THE BOOK “AMORELLA ~ A FLOATING CITY” is available in the Museum of Fine Arts in Split, the Croatian Maritime Museum in Split, the Superknjižara Bookstore in Zagreb and in the web shop following this LINK

In its 152 pages, the book contais 62 color photographs from the exhibition “Amorella – A Floating City” and an artist statement by Duška Boban, a reportage from the voyage aboard the ferryboat Amorella and 33 short stories, written by Nikola Bajto, about other ships built in the Brodosplit Shipyard, as well as an art review by Jasminka Babić, all with English translation.

Published by: Duška Boban (selfpublishing) and The Croatian Maritime Museum in Split
Editors: Duška Boban, Nikola Bajto
Translation: Robertina Tomić
Design: Duška Boban
Edition: 700
Price: 149 Kn