The Art of Getting Closer, photography workshop for children in Islam Grčki July 7 2021

During the three-day long manifestation, The Art of Getting Closer organized by the Association Prosvjeta, I led a photography workshop for children who spend their summers in Islam Grčki and Islam Latinski, two of their ancestral neighbouring villages that are still divided by war traumas from the 1990’s.

The workshop’s aim was to raise awareness of its young attendees of the communicative power of photography, its ability to give shapes to emotions, thoughts and beliefs, to improve one’s self-esteem as well as empathy for others and to help find one’s own position in the world.

First, we learnt a few photographic tricks, then we made a photographic concept on the topic of getting closer and finally we took the visualized pictures. The ensuing playful working atmosphere was made possible thanks to the openness of the young participants, the fabulous ambiance of the Jankovich Tower and help of my workshop assistant, curator Nada Beroš, who appeared as a performer in our final work, together with a dozen fluffy toys.

The work consists of a series of photographs which is also a recipe for happiness and a two-channel video made in the neo-avantgarde style by the ten-year-old Vanja Hinić in which a fluffy fish tries to reconnect with its shadow.

Participants: : Maša Hinić, Vanja Hinić, Ana Perić, Valentina Perić, Katja Šelić, Lana Telić, Nikolina Nikolajević Štirski, Ivana Živković, Vuk i Lorena.

Program curator: Davorka Perić